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zorba outdoor faux leather shoes

Zorba Designer Outdoor Shoes

High-quality faux leather cozy shoes that are meant to last for a long time and above everything else, your dog shall make a fashion statement in the dog park. This unit of 4 dog cozy dog shoes shall keep paws dry and safe. With adjustable laces and elastic bands, it’s bound to keep paws snug and secure. With appropriate ventilation created on the surface in the form of small holes to give enough breathing to the feet. This is not a hard shoe which would create difficulty while walking. The base comes with a soft layer of anti-slip providing enough paw movement while walking or running for that matter.


About Zorba: Zorba Dog Fashion is one of the leading manufacturers of pet clothing and pet accessories in India. Since its inception, the company looked forward to manufacturing high-quality designer stuff for pets and uses the same fabric which is used for making human clothes and accessories. If it’s Zorba, it’s some real stylish designer stuff. Over 50% of the company’s production is exported to different parts of the world. The range of pet clothing and pet accessories manufactured by Zorba is unmatched and couldn’t be compared to cheap stuff that comes from China or South East Asia. If you’re thinking to give your dog a premium look, don’t think twice about choosing Zorba Dog Fashion.



Material: Soft Faux Leather


Size: Small size suitable for small dogs


Medium size suitable for medium dogs


Large size suitable for medium to large dogs

(small labs, small golden retriever)


Paw size: 3.5-inch x 3 inch

XL size suitable for Giant dogsBig labs, GSD, big retrievers


Paw size: 3.75-inch x 3.25 inch

XXL size suitable for Giant dogs

Great Dane etc.Paw size: 4 inch x 3.5 inch

    ₹1,400.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,120.00Sale Price

    incl. of all taxes

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