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Our Story

When it comes to giving in to the whims and fancies of your pet, we bet there’s nobody like us. To give a brief introduction about ourselves, we are a leading e-store based in Mumbai that specializes in the retail of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, fishes. With a core focus to create a one-stop shopping destination for all types of pet-owners, we offer lowest prices across all our segments.

Shopping from the local pet store can be cumbersome at time. At your local pet store, there are times when you face limitations in variety, higher pricing, and efforts to carry large goods all the way to your home. To address these prime concerns of pet owners across the country and sighting that pets are regarded as an extended part of your family, PetsGONuts was formed to get the best of products from national as well as international markets at your doorstep.  

You can browse over 1000 different types of pet products like pet food, pet accessories, canine treats, hygiene and sanitation items, supplementary food products of renowned brands. With utmost security offered in all your financial transactions and easy-to-use information architecture to browse any pet products of your choice, shopping for your pet was never this easy.

Our founders come from a profound school-of-thought where they believe animals are supposed to be treated with equality, compassion, and love.

The petsGOnuts Advantage

• Unmatched Pricing

• Value for Money

• 100% Secured Transaction

• Customer Delight

• Power of Knowledge

• Pan India Delivery Network is owned by petsGOnuts eBusiness Sense Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Let your pampered pooches keep wagging their tails with us. We hope you have a wonderful shopping experience for your pets on our website.

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