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Zorba Dual Protection Winter Jacket

Zorba Dual Protection Winter Jacket

Searching some winter wear for your beloved dog? Let your search end here. Zorba Designer will make your task a tad easier with some of the high quality pet apparels designed to give the desirable amount of warmth during the chilling months of winter.

This high quality winter jacket is made from high quality fabric which can withstand normal wear and tear for a very long time. The fabric is 100% washable. The garment comes with an inner coating of a soft fabric which comes easy to the dog’s skin and prevents direct contact with wool. Get one for your pet today and he is sure to make a style statement. Please refer to the size chart before making a purchase.

Zorba apparels are exclusive materials made from the same fabric that are used for making high quality human apparels. A responsible pet owner is often determined by the way he dresses up his dog. Pet have always been an extended part of our families and these exclusive apparels from Zorba is a way of telling our dog, how much we love them. These are not everyday apparels for dogs, these are special designer stuffs. It’s always once in a blue moon when you would pick up designer apparels for yourself. These exclusive apparels are just the same when it comes to picking some quality stuffs for your dogs. 

Note:  The size mentioned below in the following chart is as per the length from ‘spine to tail bone. We recommend you to measure your pet before making the purchase


Size 14:  Ideal for Toy Breed Dogs (Growing Small Dogs)
Size 16 and Size 18:  Ideal for Small Dogs (Pugs)
Size 20:  Ideal for Small to Medium Dogs (Healthy Small Breeds and Cocker Spaniels)

Size 22:  Ideal for Medium Dogs (Cross breeds and Boxers)
Size 24:  Ideal for Medium Dogs (Cross Breeds and Small Labradors)

Size 26:  Ideal for Large Dogs (Labradors and German Shepherd)
Size 28:  Ideal for Large Dogs (Big Labradors and Big GSDs)

Size 30:  Ideal for Giant Breeds (St. Bernard and Great Dane)
Size 32:  Ideal for Giant Breeds (Huge Great Dane)

Raincoat Size Chart

Note: Do Not Iron or Bleach

Disclaimer:  Apparels featured on is highlighted with its sizes and other specification to help you choose the correct product for your pet. We recommend you to measure your pet before making your purchase.




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    Please measure your pet before making your purchase. The size is mentioned below in the sizing chart is as per the length from �spine to tail bone and the Chest (Girth). To measure your pet use a canvas tape to measure the length from collar to tail bone.

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    6 - 7 Business Days

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