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Zorba Designer Striped Hoodie

Zorba Designer Striped Hoodie

Hoodies are always an eye-catcher. Whether you want to walk your dog at his dedicated dog park or just take him for a quick run to your jogger's park, hoodies always add that zing thing to your dog's personality. These uber-cool designer hoodies either posses a fine print of Disney characters on the back or kept an absolute plane. The fabric is a high-quality hosiery material used for the manufacturing of some finest human T-shirts. Pick one for your dog today. Pet has always been an extended part of our families and these exclusive apparels from Zorba is a way of telling our dog, how much we love them. These are not everyday apparel for dogs, these are special designer stuff.



Size 10:  Ideal for Toy Breeds and Puppies. 

Size 12:  Ideal for Most Toy Breeds and Medium Breed Puppies

Size 14:   Ideal for Toy to Small Breed Dogs (Smaller Shitzus)

Size 16:  Ideal for Small Dogs (Pugs)

Size 18:  Ideal for Small Dogs (Large Pugs, Spitz and Some Cocker Spaniels)

Size 22:  Ideal for Medium Dogs (Cockers, Pariah, Mongrels, Cross breeds)

Size 24:  Ideal for Medium to Large Dogs (Boxers)

Size 26:  Ideal for Large Dogs (Labradors/GSDs)

Size 28:  Ideal for Large Dogs (Labradors/GSDs)

Size 30:  Ideal for Giant Breed Dogs (Big Labradors and Big GSDs)

Size 32:  Ideal for Giant Breed Dogs (Great Dane, Mastiff, Chow Chow)

Please note:   These hoodies come with or without a Disney print on the back region 



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