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Zorba Designer Camouflage Military Frock for Dogs & Cats

Zorba Designer Camouflage Military Frock for Dogs & Cats

Designed as a master-piece these designer striped frocks are made from the finest hosiery fabrics of our country. Pick one for your dog today and dress her up like a diva.

Note:  The size mentioned below in the following chart is as per the length from ‘spine to tail bone. We recommend you to measure your pet before making the purchase


Size 8 and Size 10: Ideal for Cats or chihuahua dog

Size 12 and Size 14: Ideal for Big Cats & Puppies


Size 16 and Size 18:  Ideal for Small Dogs (Pugs)
Size 20:  Ideal for Small to Medium Dogs (Healthy Small Breeds and Cocker Spaniels)

Size 22:  Ideal for Medium Dogs (Cross breeds and Boxers)
Size 24:  Ideal for Medium to Large Dogs (Cross Breeds and Small Labradors)

Size 26:  Ideal for Large Dogs (Labradors and German Shepherd)
Size 28:  Ideal for Large to Giant Dogs (Big Labradors and Big GSDs)


Size 30:  Ideal for Most Giant Breeds (St. Bernard and Great Dane)
Size 32:  Ideal for Giant Breeds (Huge Great Dane)



    ₹399.00 Regular Price
    ₹249.00Sale Price

    incl. of all taxes

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