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Denim Jacket for dogs

Zorba Designer Denim Star Party Jacket

Garments made of denim never go out of fashion. This uber cool denim jacket for dogs is perfect for your naughty pooch. Be it summer or winter, this dog denim jacket can be used to good effect in both summers and winters. Giving a rockstar look to your dog, the quality of denim used in this jacket can be easily compared to the denim used for menswear. Take your dog for a walk and see how compliments pour from everywhere.


Note:  The size mentioned below in the following chart is as per the length from ‘spine to tail bone. To measure your pet use a canvas tape to measure the length from collar to tail bone.



Size 10:  Ideal for Toy Breeds and Puppies

Size 12:  Ideal for Most Toy Breeds and Large Breed Puppies

Size 14:   Ideal for Toy to Small Breed Dogs (Shitzu)

Size 16:  Ideal for Small Dogs (Pugs)

Size 18:  Ideal for Small Dogs (Large Pugs, Spitz and Some Cocker Spaniels)

Size 22:  Ideal for Medium Dogs (Cockers, Pariah, Mongrels, Cross breeds)

Size 24:  Ideal for Medium Dogs (Boxers)

Size 26:  Ideal for Large Dogs (Labradors/GSDs)

Size 28:  Ideal for Large Dogs (Big Labradors and Big GSDs)

Disclaimer: Apparel featured on is highlighted with its sizes and other specifications to help you choose the correct product for your pet. We recommend you measure your pet before making your purchase.

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