Revolutionary in design and function, the i-Click clicker was designed by dog clicker trainers to provide the next generation tool for clicker training! Produces a quieter click than other clickers.

•    The next-generation tool for clicker training. It has a quiet click for classes or for sound-sensitive animals, but still works for dogs that have been trained with the original clicker
•    Designed to let you click no matter how you happen to grab hold of it - upside down, sideways, or right side up. You can click with your thumb, with your palm, with your foot, with gloves on, etc
•    Drop it on the floor and you can click with your foot because it always lands in a clickable position.

Strap it to a wheelchair and click with your palm or chin. Requires minimal pressure to click, but is balanced so you aren't apt to click early or mistakenly. Small enough to hide in your palm

The great new pet clicker from universal gadgets, the best way to train puppies dogs and other animals, like traditional training techniques simply assert your authority while clicking this then your dog will eventually respond to just the click when misbehaving.

You could train your dog to come back with just the click, no shouting needed.

Loud strong click with each press, available in 6 great colors, to suit any personality. These clickers also come with elasticated wrist straps to hold and make sure the clicker does not go missing, being on a ring pull this clever little gadget can have whistles and other training apparatus attached to a single ring pull.

The lightweight design creates easy transportation without hindering yourself from playing or running with your animal.

Color: Red, blue, white, pink, green, black.

Package include:
1 × Pet Clicker

Revolutionary i-Click Clicker for Training Dogs

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