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Puppy Love Premium Hair Bows for Pets

Puppy Love Premium Hair Bows for Pets

Exclusively meant for long-coat pets like Golden Retrievers, Shitzus, or Persian Cats for that matter, these intricately designed hair bows come with a durable rubber band to give knot a few strands of fur and dress em up for the occasion.

It’s an accessory that goes well with almost everything – be it a dog show in your neighborhood or a special occasion in your home.

Available in 4 different types.

Range:  Premium


Size: 2 inches approx

Price indicates the cost of 1 bow only.


Note: These are small hair bows and have a small rubber band, please do not stretch the rubber band too much as it may break at a certain point.

  • Shipping & Delivery

    6-7 Business Days


incl. of all taxes

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