These waterproof sock shoes from the house of Puppy Love is yet another premium offering to give the perfect paw protection. These sock shoes have anti-slippery properties and provide adequate grip on wet surfaces. Vitrified tiling and marble flooring are commonly found in urban households. Such flooring could lead to serious injuries and hip displacement in dogs. These anti-slip sock shoes from Puppy Love provide easy traction which lets them grip on slick floors. The sole is not made up of ordinary rubber that you find in most hard shoes made for dogs. While walking dogs tend to stretch their paws and these anti-slip water proof socks shoes provide the perfect support with ‘expand and contract’ mechanism.

Most importantly they come useful for hip and ligament issues and arthritis. For senior and injured dogs, Puppy Love Anti Slip Waterproof Sock Shoes are highly recommended by veterinary doctors.  The broader base of anti-slip sole is made of a special waterproofing material which gives a firm grip to dogs walking on urban flooring. Moreover, the special material doesn’t heat up the paws of your dogs. 

•    These socks prevent nail marks and scratches on hardwood floors and car interiors. Unlike hard shoes, anti-skid are easy to use – just pull it over the paws and your pooch is all set to rock and roll
•    Dogs have a tendency to spread their digits while walking. Anti-skid socks from Puppy Love offers easy expansion of the paw inside the socks
•    100% washable. Just remove and toss it in your washing machine while washing

Set of 4 anti slip waterproof sock shoes

Please Note:  The sizings are as per international standards. Please refer to the size chart before making a purchase. 

Extra Small - Toy Breed Dogs (Chihuahua)
Small – Small Breed Dogs (Pugs, Shitzu and Lhasas)
Medium – Medium Breed Dogs (Big Lhasas, Cockers, Mongrels, Small Boxers) 
Large – Medium to Large Breed Dogs (Large Boxers, Small American Labradors) 
XL – Large Breed Dogs (Big Labradors, GSDs, and Golden Retrievers, some giant breeds)




Middle Finger to Front Ankle

From 1st finger
to 4th finger
XS 4.5 cms 3.7 cms
S 5.2 cms 4.3 cms
M 6.0 cms 5.0 cms
L 6.8 cms 5.6 cms
XL 8.0 cms 6.6 cms

ABOUT PUPPY LOVE:  Puppy Love is one of the most premium brands in the division of pet accessories in India. The company manufactures some of the most gorgeous looking leashes, collars, personalized name engraved collars, pet foot care materials ranging from anti skid shoes to waterproof socks, blankets, and other cute stuff. All items of Puppy Love give a scintillating look to your pet – as if they are dressed up for a party. The designs of Puppy Love are exclusively designed and finessed by pet lover Nirja Puri.

Puppy Love Anti-Slip Waterproof Sock Shoes

  • Please measure your pet before making your purchase. The size is mentioned in the description and in the sizing chart it is as per the length from the spine to the tail bone and the Chest (Girth). To measure your pet use a canvas tape to measure the length from collar to tail bone.

  • 6 - 7 Business Days


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