PetZoom Bathe and Grooming System for Pets
PetZoom Bathe and Groom Pet Shower Head gets right to the root of the problem! PetZoom Bathe and Groom will clean our pet from root to its outer coat. Even washes away ticks and fleas. Clean pets with long hair, short hair, thick hair, and even tight curly hair. Works with dogs and cats. Your pets not wanting to bathe is a common scenario. But with PetZoom you’ll be able to make sure your pet stays clean whenever you give them a bath. The brush will help you clean through their hairy skin and relive them with a fresh bath at the end of the day. This is one must have accessory pet lovers shouldn’t ignore.

PetZoom Bathe and Groom Pet Shower Head gets right to the root of the problem. It will clean your pet from hair root to outer coat.

•    Comb and wash at the same time for deeper cleaning
•    Comfort grip handle for single hand operation
•    Large soap reservoir for multiple washings


PetZoom Bathe and Groom Shower System for Pets

₹1,699.00 Regular Price
₹1,549.00Sale Price
  • 7-8 Business Days


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