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Nunbell Massaging Slicker Scrubber Brush

Nunbell Massaging Slicker Scrubber Brush

  • Ergonomic handle: we've designed our detangler master with an ergonomically-efficient handle that perfectly fits in your hand to give you maximum control. Comfortabler massage for stress
  • Get a deep scalp cleaning (without the use of your nails to avoid dirt) that removes hardened excess sebum oils, dirt, and dandruff flakes without irritating your skin
  • Our scalp massager brush is made of soft, silicone bristles to be safe to use on toddlers & pets, while it's durable enough to last you a long time
  • Thick bristles enhance circulation to the scalp to provide a deep clean & exfoliating
  • By stimulating the circulation in your scalp, you're relaxing the hair follicles and providing the best way to destress in the shower
  • Take your new scalp scrubber wherever you may go. Scrub is lightweight and is able to be stored easily for future use
  • Relax scalp muscles with a wonderful sensation of cleanliness using less shampoo & conditioner
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    6-7 Business Days

₹350.00 Regular Price
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