• The amount fed can be adjusted according to your cat breed, weight and activity level.
  • It is recommended to serve MeO Tuna with original Me-O Dry Cat Food to meet your Cat's nutritional needs.
  • For the cat that regularly enjoys Me-O Dry Cat Food we recommend topping up those nutritional kibbles with our super tasty MeO Tuna for your cat's maximum pleasure.
  • Clean drinking water should be available for your cats at all times.
  • Store left over food in re-sealable or tight closing container. Left over food can be kept in refrigerator for 3 days maximum.

Tuna, Jelly Powder, Vitamin, Mineral, Soybean Oil, Food Coloring, Guar Gum, Modified Starch

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein.......10%
Crude Fat..............3%
Crude Fiber...........1%

Recommended Feeding Guidelines
Age                                      Cat's Weight     Feeding Amount
                                                 (Kg.)            (g./day)
Kitten after weaning (4 weeks)    0.5-1.0           105-175
Up to 1 year                             1.1-3.0           188-225

Adult > 1 year                           2.5-4.0           230-279
                                                 > 4.0               > 280

MeO Tuna Gravy Cat Food

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