MeO Ocean Fish Gravy Cat Food 12 Pcs is made of real ocean fish and supplies animal-based protein which is vital for the health of the cat. For an obligate carnivore, a protein derived from meat is a very important element to ensure optimum health. Besides protein, the food also has vitamins and minerals for sustaining overall wellbeing of the cat. Cats generally don't drink much water; the high level of moisture in the food would help in detoxifying its body. The incredibly tasty and complete real fish wet food would be thoroughly enjoyed by your cat. Natural fiber present in MeO Ocean Fish Gravy Cat Food facilitates the process of digestion and prevents the formation of hairball in cats.


  • Fitting wet food for all breeds of cats.
  • Rich Protein content for stimulating muscle and hair growth.
  • Sardine is the fundamental ingredient of the diet makes it luscious to savor.
  • A balanced blend of vitamins and minerals for supporting strong bones and joints.
  • Helps in hydrating the cat's body.


Sardine, soybean oil, modified starch, food coloring, chicken carcass, vitamins and minerals, guar gum, jelly powder

Crude Protein (10%), Crude Fat (1%), Crude Fibre (1%) , Moisture (86%)

Meo Ocean Fish in Jelly Gravy Cat Food

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