Nylon bones provide a complete substitute for brushing. Humans brush their teeth regularly; likewise pets use dog bones to scrape the tartar and debris off their teeth. The bones help dogs stay in good physical and mental condition.

Nylon bones are made from pure nylon which makes them exceptionally strong. Unlike rawhide bones, Nylon bones will not splinter or break into chunks. The particles of Nylon bones are easily digested through the system. When the Nylon bone is chewed into a stump, throw it away and buy a new one to prevent a choking hazard.

•    Product designed to last for a very long time. Adult dogs love to play it as a toy, while for puppies it provides effective teething 
•    Always keep the nylon bone in a clean dry space as salivation on the surface may attract flies and other insects
•    If your pets shows disinterest in chewing the nylon bone, it may be an indication that his bone needs a replacement

Kennel Nylon Bone for Dogs

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