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Kennel Non Topple Steel Feeding Bowl

Kennel Non Topple Steel Feeding Bowl

Non-topple bowls have always been a big hit in the pets market.  When it comes to serving liquid or semi-solid food items, a non-topple bowl is always the first choice. Kennel has always been at the forefront in introducing economy range of products without compromising on the quality.  

These non-topple bowls are made of high quality stainless steel and can be easily cleaned under the stream of tap water. The coating on the surface of the bowl is intelligently crafted to avoid scratch and abrasion. 

•    Preferred choice of vessel for serving dogs and cats
•    High-quality stainless steel to avoid rusting of the vessel 
•    Cannot be toppled by your pet while consuming food
•    Rubber coating at the bottom makes the unit completely anti-skid
•    Can be easily washed under the stream of running tap water
•    The single-sided rubber bond avoids accumulation of dirt in the periphery

    ₹176.00 Regular Price
    ₹119.00Sale Price

    incl. of all taxes

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