A Martingale Collar functions very similar to a choke or has miniscule changes in its functioning. These types of new age collars provide the convenience of adjustable sizing with the safety of a limited range of choke collar action. 

In Western countries Martingale collars usually come in chained loops. This Martingale collar is made up of 2 separating nylon bands that can be properly fitted and doesn’t choke a dog until the pressure is applied. The large loop goes over the dog's head and the smaller one (the Control Loop) that has the leash attached to it tightens as the dog pulls on his leash or when you make a correction.  The small loop releases the tension on the neck as the dog relaxes or when you relax the leash and prevents the collar from becoming too tight.

•    A Martingale Collar can be left on the dog for extended hours, however it’s advisable to keep a close vigil on the dog as the smaller loop can get caught on things 
•    If you let your dog off leash, always remove the Martingale collar along with leash
•    The all nylon material used in the Martingale eliminates the chances of the dog's hair or skin getting caught in the chain. Sight hounds like Whippet, Saluki and Greyhound can easily escape a conventional collar because their heads are smaller than their necks.

40 cms - 1 inch
45 cms - 1.25 inch

Disclaimer: The image used is just for your reference. The actual product specification, colour, tone might vary.

Kennel Martingale Dog Collar

  • Please measure your pet before making your purchase. The size is mentioned in the description and in the sizing chart it is as per the length from the spine to the tail bone and the Chest (Girth). To measure your pet use a canvas tape to measure the length from collar to tail bone.

  • 6 - 7 Business Days


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