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Hydro Kyle Dog Cooling Coat

Hydro Kyle Dog Cooling Coat

Keeps your dog cool and protects vital organs like Heart, Kidney liver and lungs from heat stress

Dogs dont have sweat glands on body and cant perspire like human so this dog cooling coat lowers body temperature when it is hot out side doggie stays cool with this coat.

Hot days and humid weather in the summer are not only uncomfortable for humans but for our pets too.

Under such extreme conditions, dogs can be just as susceptible as people to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Hydro Kyle Dog coat keeps your dog cool and protects vital organs like Heart, Kidney, Liver and Lungs from heat stress.

Dog cooling coat is specially designed to cover and Protect vital organs of doggie from Heat Stress like Heart, Kidney, Liver and Lungs; keeps cool during hot days and summers

Soft comfortable quilted dog coat allows free movements of doggie during play and rest for Indoor and out door usage

Color : Blue

Size: Small See sizing chart to select for your doggie


How to Use:

Simply submerse the Dog cooling coat in water for 2 to 5 minutes, or until garment reaches the desired level of hydration. Gently wring out excess water and it's ready to wear. No freezers or cold packs are required.

Once activated, the Dog cool coat will provide many hours of cooling relief in low humidity climates and your doggies will remain comfortable fresh and dry. The inner lining of Dog coat keep the doggie skin dry






  • More Information

    Please measure your pet before making your purchase. The size is mentioned in the description and in the sizing chart it is as per the length from the spine to the tail bone and the Chest (Girth). To measure your pet use a canvas tape to measure the length from collar to tail bone.

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    6-7 Business Days

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