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Canine Puppy Training Pads

Canine Puppy Training Pads

How to Use:
•   Place a pad plastic side down in a reasonably confined area such as a bathroom or kitchen.

•   Make sure the pad is away from your puppy's bedding or food.

•   When your puppy needs to relieve itself take him to the pad.

Train your puppy repeatedly and within one week your puppy should relieve itself on its own on the training pad.

•   A puppy will usually relieve itself after a meal, after drinking water, waking up, and before sleep. At any of these times, you should lead your puppy to the place where the pad is kept and praise your puppy after relief is done on the pad.

•    If your puppy wets some other place in the house, bring the dog to the pad immediately to reinforce that this is where it should wet.

•   Change pad once soiled and dispose of in the garbage.

Size: 60 cm x 60 cm

Each pack contains - 24 pads


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