These perfect bite sized catnip toys are meant to make every hour happy. Designed with the right size and shape for airborne fun – Your felines will get the best out of it.

DESIGN:  Fabulous Showgulls  

Fat Cat was born from a family tradition of exchanging handmade toys for all of the cats during the holidays. Eventually, this slapstick toy for cats evolved from a much-anticipated Official Annual Cat Toy Contest!

As part of the Munchkin, Inc. The company is devoted to the mission-in-life of MAKING PEOPLE & PETS LAUGH every single day. Every single day they are coming up with fun-filled designs in our quest for “Ultimate Kitty & Doggy Bliss”. As always, all the cat toys contain high-test organic catnip.


Fat Cat Fabulous Showgulls Catnip Cat and Kitten Toy

₹399.00 Regular Price
₹349.00Sale Price


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