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Fat Cat Crackler Catnip Cat and Kitten Toy

Fat Cat Crackler Catnip Cat and Kitten Toy

These perfect bite sized catnip toys are meant to make every hour happy. Designed with the right size and shape for airborne fun – Your felines will get the best out of it.

DESIGN:  Fat Cat Crackler

Fat Cat was born from a family tradition of exchanging handmade toys for all of the cats during the holidays. Eventually, this slapstick toy for cats evolved from a much-anticipated Official Annual Cat Toy Contest!

As part of the Munchkin, Inc. The company is devoted to the mission-in-life of MAKING PEOPLE & PETS LAUGH every single day. Every single day they are coming up with fun-filled designs in our quest for “Ultimate Kitty & Doggy Bliss”. As always, all the cat toys contain high-test organic catnip.


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