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Canine Latex Slipper Shaped Squeaky Dog Toy

Canine Latex Slipper Shaped Squeaky Dog Toy

Squeaky dog toys guarantee many hours of guaranteed fun for your dogs. It’s said squeaky toys hone the alertnees in dogs. Rubber dog toys are great for dog entertainment. With these toys, dogs that are aggressive chewers have a safe way to satisfy their biting instincts. These toys also help keep dogs' gums and teeth clean and healthy. In general, hard rubber bones and other rubber dog toys help improve dogs' overall oral hygiene. 

The act of gnawing on a chew toy is meant to be soothing and to assist small animals, like puppies, in event of easing the pain when breaking in their adult teeth as the chewing process releases feel-good chemicals from the brain. This unit is made of high quality rubber which is 100% non toxic and qualifies all international standards of safety.

Slipper shaped squeaky dog toy

Colour: Assorted - Orange, Yellow, Green, Red

Suitable for:
Small dogs & cats

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    ₹99.00Sale Price

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