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Canine Interactive Sisal Cat Teaser Wand

Canine Interactive Sisal Cat Teaser Wand

Give your cat the magic wand of Professor Mcgonnagall and tease other kitties. Just enjoy giving hours of fun! This cat toy is made from all natural materials including wood and sisal. Perfect for interactive games between owners and the pets, it is designed to engage your feline pals’ natural instincts and provide them with the necessary exercise on a daily basis. The durable wooden play stick or wand with rattling balls and dangling motions will keep your kitties happy and pouncing.

  • Great for interactive games that provides bonding between you and your feline pals
  • Play stick included
  • The wooden wand measures 15 inches in length and an elastic string cord that measures around 18 inches in length
  • Made of all natural material that are perfect for sensitive feline pals

Package Include: 1 Unit of Sisal Drum with Wooden Wand

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