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Canine 2 x 1 Plush Soft Mouse Cat Toy

Canine 2 x 1 Plush Soft Mouse Cat Toy

So your cat loves to play, hunt, and eat. This is a great assortment of cat toys sure to delight your feline friend.  This set of cat toys is surely going to raise the level of interaction between you and your cat. 

Spongy, bumpy, and bright in colors, Canine Musical Cat Toy is a great way to keep your cat active and entertained. These balls spin and roll to excite your cat's desire to play. With a sturdy construction of colorful hard plastic that stands up to vigorous play, your cats would simply love to pounce on and chase these jingling ball toys. 

One of the most favorite toys of cats across the world.


Whether you are looking to get your cat into an activity mode or just make him play with you, this unit of four mice serves all your purpose to get your cat in some quick agility mode.

Mouse Shaped Cat Toy

Set of 2 furry mice

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