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Bobo Anti Slip Socks for Toy to Small Breed Dogs

Bobo Anti Slip Socks for Toy to Small Breed Dogs

Vitrified tiling and marble flooring are commonly found in urban households. Such flooring could lead to serious injuries and hip displacement in dogs. These anti-skid socks provide easy traction which lets them grip on slick floors. Most importantly they come useful for hip and ligament issues and arthritis.

Bobo Anti Slip Socks comes with a firm base which provides dogs the adequate amount of grip while walking on floors.

100% washable. Can be used for limited outdoor use as well. Just remove and toss it in your washing machine while washing. Dogs have a tendency to spread their digits while walking. Bobo Anti Slip socks offers easy expansion of the paw inside the socks.

Content: Set of 4 socks

Size: 30mm x 75mm ht

Material: 75% Cotton, 13% Polyester, 7% Nylon And 5% Spandex


    ₹300.00 Regular Price
    ₹199.00Sale Price

    incl. of all taxes

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