In-Lit LED USB Rechargeable Pet Safety Collar

More than 1.2 million dogs and 5.4 million cats are killed by vehicles each year when they cross the road. The statistics given by the American humane society reported that in most cases a small animal or the road is not seen by the motorist.

Vehicles like a car, truck or a motorcycle hit the dog or cat at a very high speed as they don't see these little ones in the dark. They only realize after hitting them but then it's too late.

Also, most pet parents will never want to lose their beloved pet on the streets during the night to get hit by any vehicle.


The BLING LED PET COLLAR is a great solution to keep your pets safe. Whether you have a naughty dog or a cat always use these LED Collars when you take them out for a walk.

These pet collars are built with a mini USB charging port. It has a novelty and looks quite fashionable. The Inside is built with sets of rechargeable batteries, comparing with ordinary battery, it's less energy-wasting and eco-friendly. It's bright enough to be visible from far and you can keep an eye on your pets playing in the open area.



  • Built with high-grade soft rubber material, non-toxic, health and durable to use. 
  • Adopt with top quality energy-saving led light, lower power consumption. 
  • Designed with USB and rechargeable battery. It can also be charged with the charging or inserting the computer USB interface, and the service life will be longer. Compared with ordinary battery power, it's very economical and practical. 
  • There are 3 light setting modes with manual switch: Slow flash, quick flash, and steady light. It's suited for your pet walking at night, which can play a safety or warning role. 
  • Enough length can fit your dog. There is enough length (35cm/50cm/70cm). You can cut it to fit the length of your pet. 
  • Its visibility can be reached as far as 500m only if there is enough power.

    Technical Specifications: 

    • Condition: 100% New Brand 
    • Material: Silicone Rubber+ABS+TPU light guide 
    • Collar Length: Small  35cm / Medium 50CM/  Large 65CM
    • Width:1 cm 
    • Style: Rechargeable led dog collar with USB 
    • Built-in Battery: 80 mA, 3.7V, Polymer Lithium Battery. Normal Light 6 hours with full 2H charging. 
    • 3 Light Setting Mode: Slow flash, quick flash, and steady light 

    Package Unit: 1 LED Collar only

    Note: Please be careful while resizing or cutting the collar; the product will be tried & tested before shipping. Do charge it properly by using a charger/computer/laptop.


      Product Reviews from our International Customers:


      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gotcha Cat!!!

      By Lisa on May 21, 2019

      My cat milky likes to hang out in our fenced-in backyard with the dog digging holes, chasing lizards and laying in the grass. From time to time, she decides that the backyard isn't adventurous enough for her, so she jumps our fence... usually, at night. For the most part, she comes back when called. About 2 weeks ago, she jumped the fence and went missing for about 2 hours. We searched everywhere. She didn't come home until right before I left for work.

      We didn't want to prevent her from going outside. She loves the outdoors and is usually good about staying in the backyard. We did want to make sure if she did jump the fence that we could find her. So, we bought this.

      The size of the collar is easily adjustable. My husband used tin cutters to make it shorter. My cat only wears it when we open the door for her and the dog to go outside. We also put it on the stable setting as the blinking seemed like it bothered her in the dark. If she goes out before it gets dark though (like after 4) we let it blink until it gets darker.

      Today, Milky jumped the fence. I went over to get her without my flashlight this time, as this was the first time I would get to test the collar. Within seconds, I spotted the bright green, VERY obvious light by a bush. All I could see was the collar and the light reflecting off her fur and face. So needless to say, right now, this collar is the greatest invention on earth for me. I am so glad that I bought it and to know where my cat is hiding in the bushes.



      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Simple Design. Be careful to latch it well! 

      By John on April 05, 2019

      I love the simple design of these collars! They are very easy to cut to fit size, very bright and easy to recharge! We live in a high traffic area and I feel much safer on late night walks with the high visibility of these collars! I've already recommended them to my other dog owner friends!



      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It's perfect! 

      By Megan on March 17, 2019

      This is a great collar! I have an 11 pound Yorkie/Maltese who has a 9-inch neck. I ended up cutting a bunch of this collar off and it now fits perfectly. It's also lightweight so my little puppy doesn't mind wearing this at all. The color isn't too obnoxious but can definitely be seen in the dark. This is well worth the money! 



      ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Neat design, good fit. Plenty bright at night

      By Albert Pelchat on March 05, 2019

       I live on a golf course and like to take walks in the evening with my dogs. Now that it gets dark by 5 pm, I wanted something to help me keep track of them off-leash. They never get too far away, but they're quite hard to see at night.

      Searching online I found these and decided to try them. I've used them a few time, and I'm quite impressed! The blue is a bit dimmer than the red, but still plenty bright. It's nice that they have a fast and slow blink, plus steady on. I usually use the slow blink or steady.

      Several people have commented that they fall off and get lost. I haven't had that problem, and here's why I think that is the case. The polymer tube stays in the center lighted piece by friction. It appears to me that repeated removal would cause it to wear and not hold the fit properly. I carefully trimmed mine so they can be slipped over the dog's ears without pulling the unit apart. I took extra time and care to get this right - you don't want it to be difficult to put on, but you don't want it to slip off the dog's head when he/she is sniffing the ground. One of mine (part hound) spends more time with her nose to the ground, so I made hers a little snugger, but still could easily fit a few fingers between it and her neck.

      Overall I like it. I think you'll be happy if you take time to size it right and make sure it can be easily placed over their head but not loose enough to fall off.




      Bling LED Rechargeable Pet Safety Collar

      ₹850.00 Regular Price
      ₹599.00Sale Price


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