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You Give us Love, We Shall Spread Much Love

We are a young company. We are not ashamed to call ourselves a toddler in the world of ecommerce. Yes we are. But the biggest differentiating factor between and other well settled daddies is the spirit in our work.

We ventured into this business merely out of passion. Two of the directors were well settled at their respective jobs in the media. It was the love for animals which got them into this business. Doing rescue of animals on the streets, administering first aid to injured strays and finding homes for unwanted mongrels were some of the things we specialized at. Have you had asked us about the mindset of a pet owner at then we would have been zonked. We had absolutely no sense until a couple of years ago. But yes we are getting wiser and wiser with every passing day. Our repeat customers truly serve testimony of the fact that we are on the right track. We started understanding our customers and now we know what products we should get in store for them. Thank you folks.

Now you may be thinking why a bunch of people who loved stray animals came up with the idea of starting an e-store for pet owners. Well the answer is simple. We take pride in addressing ourselves as philanthropists and visionaries first. We are businessmen later. To spread our wings in rescuing more stray animals, we simply wanted to set up a profitable venture out which could support us in our cause. We felt why not get into the business of serving the pampered ones at home. Why not money come to us from people who love animals just the way we do. Here's what differentiates us from rest of the daddies.

More than 35 stray animals are well fed every day with quality dog food every single day. Around a dozen of stray animals are lodged at our expenses across different animal shelters for a lifetime. They are the special ones who have nowhere to go, either abused by people or crippled or are terminally ill.

All dogs in our custody are annually vaccinated with anti rabies and 9 in 1 vaccines. We do a high amount of advocacy in adopting stray dogs who make wonderful pets and seldom fall sick. In fact they are the only breed who possesses traits of both companion as well as watch dogs. Truly Indian Pariah is a breed apart. If it wasn't for them, would have never existed.

As we taste a new peg of success each day, we love to share experiences with our customers. So do you believe in supporting a company like ours? If you do then make the next purchase for your pets from


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