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Real Men are Not Just Kind to Animals, they Don't Discriminate Between Breeds Either

If you happen to own a pet, you're ought to be a tad happier than the ones who don't own one. That's one of the primary reasons why we have chosen to address you as 'Happy People.'

Owning a pet is a responsible task. It involves a lot of commitment which starts right from their teething phase and continues till silent years of old age. We are a passion driven company. It was for the love of stray animals saw its daylight. Every people who works in is an animal lover first. For us a dog is a dog. We don't really like to lay emphasis on the breed aspect of a pet. For us every dog is unique in their own way and we find all of them insatiably cute. But when we see the suffering of strays on the streets our heart bleeds and we mourn every time we fail to alleviate the suffering of animals. In India it's a difficult task to be in love with animals.

We couldn't think of posting a better picture for this New year. This picture ignites a hope that good people still exist between us. Some days ago at Dadar station, Mumbai we spotted this gentleman holding a chubby stray pup in his hand and relishing a meal at the same time without being bothered about any infection that most people talk when it's an association with stray animals. We silently captured this moment. Some of the finest moments of life are best captured in natural instincts and not with a plastic expression that we portray before the camera.

As he finished his meal, we approached him and asked him about the pup. In our heart we knew it was probably a rescue cause and our assumption turned out to be right. This gentleman obviously from a lower middle class family told us that he didn't have any second thoughts to pick up this puppy from the road. According to him the puppy was whining outside his office in the cold winter of Mumbai. This man feeds a number of strays outside his office and he was very sure that this pup never seen in the vicinity before had probably lost his way or got separated from his litter mates. So he planned to take this pup to his home. It gives us a feeling that sometimes it's good for a dog to get lost this way. As long as the dog goes in to find a responsible pet owner to adopt him.

The only fault of pets are that they don't come with a lengthy life span. But even in their short span of life they make our lives complete. It's also our responsibility to reciprocate their love with a life long commitment of love. If you're aspiring to own a pet, consider picking up one from the streets. Our Indi dogs and cats are truly a breed apart.

Sorry, if we go overboard in our advocacy to help stray animals. This little puppy was too lucky. You too can add some luck to the lives of millions of strays meandering on our streets. We at aspire to build a state of art animal shelter some day. We are not ashamed to say our readers that we are not financially strong to even think of starting a small shelter at this moment, but we do believe in our dreams and confident to realize it one day. shall certainly have an animal shelter spread across acres and acres of land.


If this blog post has managed to touch any of your chords of compassion, then consider getting your pet supplies from We promise as long as exists it shall continue to help stray animals in every manner.

Happy new year once again and lots of love for your beloved pet from India's Beloved Online Pet Store,

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